Strategic Research

Stratis offers research and strategic services for all levels of government, cultural institutions, not-for-profits, and corporations. We deliver focused research with action-oriented recommendations and communication points. Our work includes jurisdictional scans, cultural resource assessments and planning, own-source revenue generation (also called self-generated revenue), strategic partnerships, program assessments, independent reviews, and other services. Our clients have included national, provincial, and local organizations and governments.

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Aerial Photography & Videography

Stratis offers Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) photography, videography, and photogrammetry. We deliver carefully planned results that are aesthetically pleasing and technically competent. Stratis offers stand-alone RPAS services as well as integration with our other service lines.

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Education and Training

Stratis creates detailed custom curricula, including learning objectives, lesson plans, course manuals, test banks, and other specialized materials for public or private courses delivered online or in-person. This includes short courses, professional development courses, as well certificate and diploma programs. We develop courses in challenging areas such as intercultural competence, anti-racism, conflict resolution, human rights, welcoming communities, cultural safety, technical and scientific training, and others.

Stratis assembles multi-disciplinary teams to create custom training that addresses the most difficult and yet common societal challenges. We understand the history and context of complex problems and offer culturally appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches.

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Areas of Expertise

jurisdictional scans, national and/or international, delivering a synthesis of issues and communication points grounded in current realities

applied research including qualitative (e.g., focus groups), and quantitative (e.g., surveys) methods to inform evidence-based policy and decision-making

data visualization

"primary research" aimed at understanding issues, challenges, and solutions

archival & historical research

expertly documented genealogical research

literature reviews

media scans and summaries

knowledge translation

watching briefs - we will monitor the progress of projects, policy developments, and other matters and provide reports, summaries, and updates either ongoing or "moment in time"

assessment tools and rubrics

customized education and training

strategic planning

applied social sciences (e.g., anthropology & sociology)

cultural heritage resource assessments

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Markets Served

federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and Indigenous governments and organizations

not-for-profit, nonprofit organizations

health care practitioners

legal professionals

settlement workers

K-12 educators

social workers


and others...

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